My Family History


This is the story of my grandparents and their ancestors. It is based, beside factual sources, on oral history, personal recollections and interpretations.

I will update and expand the story as my research continues.

Who am I? Where am I from?

My family history reflects the complicated history of Europe. I have – thru paper trail – researched my family heritage in today’s Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, Romania, Ukraine and a number of other countries. Some branches of my family tree have been traced back to 16th century.

Current DNA research development has made it possible to look past historical documents and look inside ourselves at our DNA heritage. It provides context to research and clues to the missing pieces.

DNA tests provide primarily 2 things; ethnicity and DNA matches with persons that have done the test. I have done DNA tests with 4 of the biggest genealogy DNA testing companies. Results are starting from the top MyHeritageAncestoryDNAFamilyTreeDNA and 23andMe.

When it comes to heritage, my genealogical research corresponds decently with the estimations presented by the genealogy DNA testing companies. There are differences, and the uncertainty of the test results grow as the size of the heritage decreases. All tests conclude that the majority of my heritage can be found in eastern Europe.

What is important to understand is that ethnicity estimations provided in genealogy tests today are only that – estimations. With time they will become more accurate, but today they are more of a curiosity.

The family tree that I have built during the last 25 years, has also been confirmed with DNA matches.

My conclusion is that – with high certainty – my heritage is from the area associated with historical Poland in the 16th century and Austria-Hungary in the 18th century. Proven by stories, documents and DNA.

Sebastian Svärdebrandt / Sebastian Svardebrandt