Hello there!

My name is Sebastian Svärdebrandt.

I am a knowledge hungry multitasker. A classical INFJ personality type. I want to experience and understand the world. 

In my current employment I work as the CIO for the Nord-Lock Group.

By education I am an IT Security Professional and Organizational Psychologist.

Outside the box I am a futurist, genealogist, IT nerd, history fanatic, political analyst and public speaker.

Sebastian Svärdebrandt / Sebastian Svardebrandt


Knowledge, altruism and constant improvment.


Ignorance, egoism and competition. 

I love sharing my insights and research. As part of my professional life, I have had several opportunities to share and debate subjects of my expertise as a public speaker.


Other adventures along the way has been as a local politician and as a board member in various organizations.


At numerous occasions I have been asked to share, in more public forums, my thoughts on a number of subjects.

This site is part of that. Depending on time and interest I will develop this site in different directions.

Welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy the stay.