Mieczysław Mrazek

Mieczysław Mrazek was born on 12th February 1863, in Skole, Galicja (today a town in Ukraine in Lviv region) to Jakób Mrazek and Emilja born Kulczycka-Lewicka.

His father, Jakób was born on 8th July 1822, in Załośce, Galicja (today Zaliztsi in Ternopil region in Ukraine). Emilja, his mother, was also born Załośce, between 1832 and 1833. They got married in 1857.

Jakób Mrazek working at court in Dubiecko (Szematyzm 1869 p.114)
Mieczysław Mrazek

Załośce, Galicja 1856

Jakób and Emilja Mrazek with children from left Kazimierz Adam, Aniela and Mieczysław. I the middle Julianna Mrazek (born Wiśniowska), mother of Jakób. Dubiedzko 1864.

Jakób Mrazek working at court in Dubiecko (Szematyzm 1869 p.114)

Jakób worked as kancelista (court clerk) for many years. In 1863 at court in Skole. Couple of years later as court office manager in Dubiecko. And later back in Skole. 

In 1880 Jakób worked as prosecutor in Skole for Sambor court district.

Outskirts of Skole, Ukraine 2019

Both parents died at an early age. Emilja died on the 10th of April of 1870 and Jakób in 1885. Both are buried in Skole. I have tried to localize their resting place when I visited Skole with family in 2019. I was helped by very friendly church host for the catholic church in Skole. He showed us to the old cemetery. I have read that it has been partially restored in 2014 http://www.studiowschod.org.pl/rskole2014.htm but there is huge amount of work to be done. Five years has also made an impact. I did not find their graves. But we definitely got a very positive feeling for this town. Church records has been in large part destroyed in the fire of 1888 when large of town perished. I am looking forward to the next visit in the future.

Descendants of Jakób Mrazek and their spouses.

Descendants of Jakób Mrazek and their spouses.

Kazimierz Adam was born on 24th of December 1857 in Skole. He married Adolfina Felińska, daughter to Wojciech Feliński and Maria born Chojnacka. Kazimierz and Adolfina got married in church of St. Andrew in Lviv on the 17th of May 1888. According to oral history Kazimierz committed suicide in 1889 after his wife died when giving birth to their child that also died.

Jakób and Emilja Mrazek with children from left Kazimierz Adam, Aniela and Mieczysław. I the middle Julianna Mrazek (born Wiśniowska), mother of Jakób. Dubiedzko 1864.

Map of  Skole and surroundings.

Map of Skole and surrounding area.

Skole town square, Galicja
Skole square (Ukraine 2019)
Skole Post Office (Galicja 1915)
Skole Cemetery (Ukraine 2019)

Skole in early 1900s and in 2019.

Skole Galicja 1915
Skole Church (Ukraine 2019)

Mieczysław had 5 siblings: Kazimierz Adam (b.1857 d.1889), Aniela (b.1861 d.1936), Michalina (b.1864 d.1941), Stanisław Jan (b.1866 d.1924) and Władysława (b.1869 d.1942).

Kazimierz Adam Mrazek marriage Lviv 1888

Kazimierz Adam Mrazek marriage Lviv 1888.

Henryka Mrazek (born Strokołowska)
Stanisław Jan Mrazek
Helena Mrazek (born Strokołowska)
Children of Stanisław Jan Mrazek

Stanisław Jan Mrazek. His wifes Henryka, Helena and his first eight children.  

Mieczysław attended the elementary school in Skole and later in Lviv. He graduated from the industry college in Kraków.

Mieczysław Mrazek married Felicja of Fedorowicz on 13th of June 1886 in Mosty Wielkie (today Velyki Mosty) north of Lwów, where Felicja was born.  

Felicjas parents were Jan Fedorowicz and Katarzyna Stefanik. Jan was born in 1834 in Załośce were also his parents were born. He died early, in 1865. Just a year after birth of Felicjas brother Aleksander.

Mieczysław and Felicja settled after their marriage in Libusza before moving to Sękowa in 1890. Initially, they lived in a rented house. Meanwhile Mieczysław bought a lot and built the house according to his own plan (the property was located opposite the school). They moved into it in 1892.

Stanisław Jan Mrazek was born on 11th of August 1866 in Skole. He studied in Lviv. Due to a disability (he lost one eye when he was eight), he did not serve in the military.

In 1892 he took over the management of an oil mine in Ropica Ruska (Górna). Later the same year he married Henryka Józefa Strokołowska. Henryka died in 1904 after first giving birth to eight children.

He married again in 1907 with Henrykas younger sister. They had additional tree children.

Stanisław, during most of his active years, has been working very successfully within oil business earning him a large fortune. Later in life he was elected mayor of Jasło where he later died.

Several of his children became known and successful individuals who deserve their own story.

Felicia Mrazek (born Fedorowicz)
Mieczysław Mrazek