Mieczysław Mrazek / Mieczyslaw Mrazek

Genealogy has been an important part of my life for more than 25 years. 

It started with my grandfather on my mother’s side. We were always very close and shared many interests. My grandfather kept in close contact with the extended family throughout his life. He loved to travel, write letters and collect things. He introduced me to the family and the history he knew. I was hooked.

It was in 1995, that I began my own genealogical journey. Everything was manual, and computerized genealogy was in its infancy. Since then much time has past and many hours has been spent.

Today I manage a family tree of more than 5000 individuals. I am managing 15 DNA kits for my family and close relatives. My research is present at MyHeritage, Ancestry, 23&Me, FamilyTreeDNA, Geneanet and FamilySearch.

Beside my own research, I have introduced a number of new genealogists to the subject and continue to help them move forward in their research.

It is my wish that you shall find genealogy advise as well as my family research on these pages.